Warmińskie Szutry – rajdowe emocje na szutrowych drogach


We would like to invite you to the picturesque Jeziorany Commune, located in the heart of the Masurian Lakeland, within the Łyna River basin, only 35 km north east of Olsztyn. The lie of the land here is diversified. The territory of the Commune covers 9 lakes and borders on two other large bodies of water: Lake Blanki and Lake Luterskie, with their attracting recreational facilities. The settlement network consists of the town of Jeziorany and the surrounding 22 civil parishes, encompassing 27 villages. The area of the Commune is crossed by the Symsarna River, flowing from Lake Luterskie towards Lake Blanki. Every years, kayaking events are organised along that route. The Jeziorany Commune is open and friendly towards every guest, whether seeking to rest up, establish cooperation or make an inverstment.


You are encouraged to visit eEziorany Commune
Urząd Miejski w Jezioranach

Plac Zamkowy 4
11-320 Jeziorany
tel.: (89) 539 27 41
fax.: (89) 539 27 60


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